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Universal bar feeder Maestro 52 No Limits

The MAESTRO 52 NO LIMITS is an automatic bar feeder for bars from 10 to 52 mm for lathes with fixed headstock , ideal for those who are looking for very high performances and very high flexibility. The MAESTRO 52 NO LIMITS is the best synthesis of: maximising productivity, extreme flexibility, physical and cognitive ergonomics – all within a new look with modern design lines.

➜ Maestro 52 No Limits is INDUSTRY 4.0

ABACOS® (Adaptive BAr COntrol System)

Consisting of special self-adjusting bushings able to dampen the vibrations of the bar and tighten the bar pusher at the same time, with no need to change the guide channel.


HANDYLOQ® is a IEMCA patented system used to quickly engage the collet into the rotary assembly, allowing the operator to replace the collet manually with no tools.

VDC® is an IEMCA patented collet that dampens the bar vibrations by reducing its oscillation amplitude. This new generation of VDC® reduces the bending and torsional stresses on the bar, separating the rotation of the bar from the motion of the rotary unit-collet system. The VDC® offers total flexibility to the customer, who will be able to adjust the diameter of the collet to the bar to work.


MAESTRO® is the bar feeder with the shortest installation distance. Thanks to the ABACOS® system, it is possible to use short bar pushers thus reducing the installation distance between bar feeder and lathe.



MAESTRO® sets no limits to your desire for efficiency. It allows to:

1. Reduce retooling times almost to zero.

2. Cut bar change time down to 30 seconds.

3. Reach the maximum speed allowed by your lathe with every configuration.

To change the diameter of the bar to work, it is sufficient to:

1. Set the new diameter on the operator panel: the magazine will adjust automatically.

2. Manually replace the collet using the HANDYLOQ® quick coupling system.

  • Round bars

    10 – 52 mm

  • Hexagonal bars

    9 – 42 mm

  • Square bars

    8 – 34 mm

  • Bar length

    1000 – 4200 mm

  • Fixed headstock


  • Mobile headstock


  • MP magazine available

    Yes, 319 mm

  • UP magazine available

    500 mm useful surface (that can be extended to 790 mm)

  • P magazine available


  • F magazine available


  • OAB magazine available

    Yes, 2.5 tons

  • Remnant length

    110 – 400 mm

  • Bar changeover time

    31 sec

  • Bar weight

    Max 100 kg

  • Bar feeder weight

    Ver. 32 – 1400 kg

  • Number of spindles


  • Reversible magazines


  • Feed rate

    500 mm/sec.

  • Return speed

    1000 mm/sec.

  • Compressed air

    6 bar

  • Installed power

    2,3 kW

  • Operating voltage

    230 / 400 Volt

Installation examples